Friday, July 2, 2010

A Beginning

Well, here goes. I've committed to starting a blog. But with a two-month-old to keep me busy, who knows how often I'll be able to keep up with it.

I'm not a blogger -- in fact, I'm not even really a fan of bloggers. Why does the whole world need to know that you had sushi for lunch or that you haven't talked to your boyfriend in 27 minutes? People put too much personal information out here on the World Wide Web, without stopping to think about the fact that it's just that - World Wide. Anyone and everyone now has access to the information out here. Are we really thinking about that when we post things? For most of us, I think not.

This is not your ordinary blog. This is for my son, who keeps me so busy I don't think to stop and document the new things he's doing. This is for my family, who are over a thousand miles away. This is for me. And if you're interested in the monotony that is my life, read on. My hope is that some of the things immortalized herein will someday be important to someone; that someday my son will be able to look back at our life and appreciate this.

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