Thursday, July 22, 2010

Introducing: Snuggle Monkey

Isn't he just the cutest thing?
And the Monkey isn't too bad either ...

Little Man and Momma had a glorious outing yesterday. Most days we play at home (and do chores - yuck!) while Daddy is working, but after two months of staring at the same walls, we were both going a little stir-crazy. So, we decided to investigate our local mall. With stroller in hand, we set out on our adventure. Three hours and one Snuggle Monkey later, we feel much better. We even managed to enjoy nearly every shop in the mall without spending a dime of our own money (Snuggle Monkey was purchased with a gift card from Little Man's Great-Great-Auntie). Little Man was enthralled by all the new things to look at, and was very well-behaved. Good times were had by all.

Snuggle Monkey is intended as a Sleeping Friend. Both Momma and Daddy had a special friend who kept them company during the dark nights of childhood when it was important to have something to hold on to, and we wanted to same for our Little Man. I've been looking for the appropriate Friend for quite some time, but there were certain requirements that remained unfulfilled until yesterday.

The perfect Sleeping Friend must have:
  • Soft fur - you can't snuggle it if the fur is rough!
    • Both Momma's and Daddy's were so loved that the fur began to fall out
    • Snuggle Monkey is very soft, just like Snuggle Blanket (remember him?)
  • Small stature - you don't want your bed to be completely taken over!
    • Ours were less than two feet tall
    • Snuggle Monkey is about 14 inches
  • Something for little hands to hold on to - you need to be able to take it everywhere!
    • Daddy's had a silky tag to chew on and tote around by;
      Momma's had big floppy ears to hold on to
    • Snuggle Monkey has an adorable tail, just the right size for portability by little hands
At last, the perfect Sleeping Friend has joined our little family. Welcome, little guy!
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    **Update to yesterday's post:**

    It looks like Auntie Visitor won't be coming to see us after all. Flights between here and there are rather full of people who actually pay for their tickets, and since we have to let them go first, there isn't any room left on the plane for Auntie. Perhaps we'll try again next weekend ...


    1. How adorable is he, seriously. Man, one of these days I'm getting my hands on that boy and squeezing the stuffing out of him! (((Hugs)))
      Glad you had a nice outing. Believe me, I've been there; I know how the isolation can get to a person.
      Praying for ALL of you!

    2. What a great story, and what a great tradition as well. Do you have prommy with, you or is he here somewhere.
      Little man is adorable in that picture!

    3. Prommy is in storage at Annie's for now, but we're soon to be reunited (hopefully).
      *Prommy was my Sleeping Friend