Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sleeping Habits

Little Man slept through the night last night. And not just sort-of ... he slept for a full 8 hours! I fed him at 11:30pm, finally got him rocked to sleep and into his bed by 12:30am, and the little monster didn't need to eat again until 8:30 this morning! Now, that's not to say that he (and I) didn't stir in the night, but once that paci was back in his mouth, all was well and we slept peacefully (well, as peacefully as possible when your body is used to nursing within 5-6 hours of going to bed and is now being asked to wait quite a while longer).

In my opinion, his midnight slumber was in redemption and apology for the day he gave me yesterday. Having returned to the land of regular women, I was feeling pretty awful by the afternoon, and Little Man decided that he would be an absolute stinker the whole time Daddy was at work. Silly child thinks I can hold him every moment ... doesn't he realize I'd like to shower every once in a while, and at least have a moment to stretch my arms? Ah, well ... we sure got plenty of snuggle time in.

Neither of us has been feeling well in the last few days, and the extra uninterrupted (or only-slightly-interrupted) sleep time was much needed by all. Today, we're both feeling much better. In fact, we're off to bake Daddy a batch of cookies ... won't he be surprised when he gets home tonight!

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