Sunday, July 11, 2010


This is how I found my son napping.
He has his paci still in his mouth,
and is breathing just fine,
he just has a unique style
of snuggling his blanket.
What a funny child.

(Click for larger photo)

He's been doing a lot of entertaining things lately. Just this morning, we were chattering together when Daddy called. He asked me to come pick him up so we could go to lunch together. I responded "okay", and Little Man immediately chimed in "Okay!". He's getting pretty good at repeating sounds; we've nearly mastered "hi", and are also working on "hello" and "dada" (though he refused to even try "mama"). He may not know yet what he's saying, but he's sure trying. He's also learning to sit up, and loves to stand when helped - my little boy isn't going to be little much longer!

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