Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Uncle Art Teacher is getting married in October. Since all three brothers are together, we took a field trip into town this morning to get them fitted for their tuxes. After some deliberation, they were able to choose the colors and styles, and everything has been ordered. Now we just wait for the wedding. 32 days to go [but who's counting?].

Monday, August 30, 2010


Some of our fellow tenants here at Nana & Opa's house, Auntie & Cousins, have been having a pretty dramatic time in recent days. Today, we had a bit of excitement with them:

Auntie has been waiting on a check to arive in the mail for some time now. After letting it go for a few days, she decided to look into the situation today and recieved some disturbing news - her check had arrived last week, been opened by someone else, and cashed without her authorization or endorcement. We immediately got to work calling the bank and post office to figure out what could be done.

While calls were being made, we remembered that Auntie had a doctor's appoinment in just a few minutes. Opa and the Uncles needed Opa's car to go visit the bank and straighten things out, so the only car left was ours. Since we felt the need to stick together in case we needed to make visits to the police department and such, Auntie and I packed all three kiddos into the back seat of my car to head to the clinic. Needless to say, they were packed in tight.

After adventuring around for a couple of hours, things are in the works to get the situation straightened out. We're hoping that by getting a lawyer involved we'll be able to make things happen quicker, but it's still going to be quite a few phone calls made and reports filed before we know anything.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Domestic Experiment: Chocolate Chip Cookies

It's been a while since we've had some homemade treats around here, so I decided to make some cookies while everyone was gone. I've had the recipe memorized since I was eight-years-old, so I set to work as I have many times before. All was going according to plans, until I realized that Nana bakes with wheat flour [and I'm used to all-purpose]. I wasn't quite sure how things would turn out ...

... but there was nothing to worry about. It may be because I'm baking for a house of men, but those cookies are disappearing faster than I thought!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Domestic Experiment: Salsa

Here at Nana & Opa's house, there is a plethora of fresh produce; members of the congregation regularly bring over portions of the surplus from their gardens to share. We'd recently been blessed with a large bag of tomatoes, and many salads later, there were still too many to count. So husby got creative, looked up a recipe online for homemade salsa, and went to work. After a couple of hours of cropping, draining, mixing and waiting, we now have about a quart of deliciousness to share with the family. And happiness ensues.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Just Like Daddy

Having returned from Madison this morning, we're spending the day relaxing. Since we only brought a couple of days worth of clothes for each of us when we left Dallas a week ago, we've been doing laundry nearly every day to keep up. To help out, Nana brought out some of the baby clothes she put her boys in for Little Man to borrow.
If he didn't look like Daddy before, he certainly does now.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Early this morning, we hit the road for a quick trip to Madison. Picking up my Dad on the way, we visited my grandparents' house and introduced them to Little Man. For the first time, we had all four generations together.
Momma, Great-Grandpa, Little Man, and Grandpa
Great-Grandpa & Grammy were thrilled to get some snuggles from Little Man, and he fully enjoyed having new faces at which to smile and coo.

Great-Grandpa also enjoyed having us around for a chat - especially Husby, with whom he shares a military background. We heard stories of days gone by, and reminisced together as we looked through all the photos books and trinkets on their shelves.
April 30, 1950
I can't help but think that we've all taken this "greatest generation" for granted, that one day we'll look back and wish we had spent more time with them, talking and learning and loving. So today I did my best to soak up all the wisdom I could from them, tucking it away to share with my son someday so that they will never truly be lost.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Portraits - Take II

Welcome back to another preview of portraits!

As has become our tradition, we have family portraits taken every August (or there-abouts). This year's session included a new addition - our Little Man. And we're not just there for shots of the three of us; we like to break it down and have some fun. Check out our photogenic-ness below, and again, there's a Facebook Album for my 'friends'.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Portraits - Take I

As I'm sure you've noticed, there has been a severe lack of photos in my recent posts. I do have a camera with me here in Iowa [and I've been putting it to good use], I just don't have the cord [oops!] so I can't upload any of those fabulous photographs for your viewing pleasure until we return to Texas next week. Stay tuned for a smattering of adorable enjoyment.

I do, however, have access to a Portrait Studio here in Cedar Rapids - where I was the Assistant Manager before Little Man came along. We were looking for something to do this afternoon [and an excuse to get out of the house we've been cooped up in for days], so we headed into town for a walk around the mall. Surprisingly, the studio was void of appointments at the time we stopped in to say a quick hello, and since Little Man was in good spirits, we did a quick session of four-month-old portraits. I think they turned out pretty cute, but I suppose I'm biased since they feature my child and I was the photographer. Below is a sneak peak, but you can also check out the Facebook Album if you're my 'friend'.

We're headed in for our annual family portraits tomorrow; we've had them done every August-ish since we were married, but this will be our first year as more than just the two of us. Be sure to check back tomorrow for our lovely faces!

Feel free to shoot me an email if you'd like to have a full-sized digital copy of any particular image [or six or seven...].

Monday, August 23, 2010


Little Man & Momma are enjoying some quiet moments together this afternoon. Nana went to work and Opa took the Auntie & cousins to run some errands, so we're alone with the doggies for a few hours. We haven't had a moment of alone time in weeks, so we're treasuring the little time we have to cuddle and coo without all the distractions and noise-makers.

Ah, glorious quiet.

It's moments like these that remind me just how in love I am with this little guy - the way he snuggles right into me when he's sleepy and holds on for dear life makes me want to never let go.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Morning Anti-Social

This morning, we took Little Man to Opa's church for the first time. After the service, nearly every woman in the congregation came over to check out the baby. I understand that people [especially women] love to look at little ones, but I am annoyed when they all want to touch him - much less hold him. What makes people think it's alright for them to get right into my child's face? Family is one thing, but ladies who I don't know [or know, and don't like] putting their faces and hands in my little guy's space is not something I'm fond of. Luckily for me [and for Little Man], he fell asleep in my arms halfway through the service, meaning that he was blissfully unaware of the unwanted intrusions into our bubble and I had a valid excuse for refusing to hand him over to someone I wouldn't trust to hold my coffee, much less my exponentially more precious child. If only we both could have been blissfully unaware ...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Girly Things

Growing up, having sisters was grand. There were dollies and dress-up clothes and make-believe galore. I was never short a playmate, and the adventures we had are unmatched by anything adult life can serve up. Even now, some of my favorite times are spent with the girls I grew up with, laughing and playing again.

Here in Iowa, we ladies are having a day reminiscent of childhood - with a grown-up twist. Husby's sister is in charge of make-up for their brother's wedding in October; today is a practice run with the bride-to-be. While the little ones nap, we're jamming to Backstreet Boys and getting prettied up. After four months of motherhood - with it's late nights and fast showers - it's nice to take the time to feel like a girl again!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Lots of changing very soon for many people - that's what we have here in Iowa. When we arrived Thursday evening, there was a [man-made] plan in place for how things should progress. Since then, God has shown us that His plan is quite a bit different than ours. While we know that God's timing is perfect, we can't help but be slightly apprehensive about what's coming our way. So we huddle together, praying that He stills our hearts, and holding on to each other for support.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

To Grandmother's House We Go

We're on our way to Iowa to visit Nana & Opa [and lots of other family members who will be at Nana's also].

While en route to Wichita yesterday, it occurred to us that we were already [nearly] halfway and could make it to Nana's before bedtime if we continued the drive today. So, with our suitcase packed with three days worth of clothes for each of us [this was supposed to be just an overnight trip afterall], we're now hoping to spend a week or so with Daddy's famliy.

At the moment, Nana's house is packed full of people who love us. Of course, Nana & Opa are there. Plus Uncle Air Force, who has been living with them since the end of his enlistment. Then there's an Auntie and two cousins who are staying with Nana & Opa until their home life is repaired. And this weekend, Uncle Art Teacher will be home to visit, and while he's here almost-Auntie Fiance' will be stopping by. [Not to mention, both Uncles have doggies who are living at Nana's right now as well.] That's a grand total of eight adults and three children who will be sitting down to at least one meal together and trying to find space to sleep at night. This will be the first time since her children grew up and moved out that Nana will have all four of them - and their families - home at one time. Crazytown, here we come.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Husby and I have packed Little Man up in the car to travel to Wichita, KS for the night. Husby is being sworn in to his new unit with the Kansas Air Guard tomorrow morning, and since it's a 6ish hour drive we decided to drive up the night before and make an adventure out of the trip. We're headed to McConnell Air Force Base, which is where we lived for the first three months of our marriage; it will be nice to be back where we got started. The ceremony is scheduled for noon-ish - we're hoping to be back at Grandma's by dinner time. It's a quick trip, but we will enjoy having a few hours to be just the three of us again.

In Wichita, we will join a new unit and sign up for training for the new job. We're taking a huge step in the direction we've been trying to head for years, and now that we're finally here, it's a little scary. It's a leap of faith, but the Lord will provide.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Little Man loves his Auntie Senior.
Or, at least, she likes to think he does.
And she sure likes taking pictures with him.
(Featuring this guy too.)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Baptism Celebration

Today we welcomed a brother into the fold. Another believer's name was added to the Book of Life, and we couldn't be happier. A luncheon celebration was held at our home in celebration this afternoon, where the newly-baptized received many gifts - in addition to the gift of faith he received at the font this morning. 

Our family presented him with a new Lutheran Study Bible, complete with his name and baptism/confirmation date imprinted on the front. Since he hasn't had a Bible of his own, the gift was especially appreciated, and will be greatly treasured.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lazy Day

Little Man is enjoying some quality time with Momma & Daddy today. Too soon, Daddy will have to leave us again, and we will miss him terribly. So for now, we're relaxing together, enjoying each other's company. Thank you, Lord, for lazy days.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dear Friends and Family,

I keep this blog public so that any and all of those who are interested can view the things we're doing. However, I do worry about our privacy, and thus have kept our names and identifying details ambiguous. I certainly appreciate all the comments left for us, but would like to kindly request a refrain from the use of our names and such when doing so. 

Thank you for your understanding,
~Little Misses Kate

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pie Day

Husby is on his way to be with us here in Texas, and in celebration, I've been baking pies. It appears that I'm Little Susie Homemaker today.

I started out making an Apple Pie
with fresh apples brought over by a friend.
Apple Pie served with Vanilla Ice Cream
is as American as ... well, Apple Pie!
Since I was on a pie-making streak, I decided we would have Chicken Pot Pie for dinner.

Baking in the oven
Golden Brown and Delicious
All set for Family Dinner.
The meal was certainly a hit, and another Apple Pie has been requested for the near future [we have to use up the apples before they go bad, and what better way is there?].

Those of you who looked closely at that last photo will also notice that the new flatware we ordered here arrived today! We were ecstatic to open that package and put the pieces to good use.

We could hardly contain our excitement!
Included in the package was:
Eight Tea Spoons
Eight Soup Spoons
Eight Dinner Knives
And ...
Sixteen Forks!
(Unfortunately, I didn't
get them all in one photo.)
All other 'wimpy' flatware has been removed from the drawer organizer, and Daddy is on his way to us. Life is good.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An Anniversary

Today is the third anniversary of my favorite day.

I became a Misses on August 11, 2007, and began the journey to becoming the woman I am today. I have had many fantastic days since [the birth of my son is certainly one of them!] but many would not have transpired without this, my favorite day, the day that I was joined to the man I love and who loves me above all others.

This was a day of celebrating, a day of joy, a day that lives vividly in my memory. A day I wish to share with you in some of my favorite photographs.

As my sister tied my dress, I felt the shivers of excitement.
This, my favorite day, was to be the beginning of my new life.
His mother pins his corsage, preparing to give her son away.
We shared a quiet moment together before the ceremony began. 
Here, in his father's church, we were united as one.
With this ring, I thee wed.

Sealed with a kiss.

I am hopeful that these next years will hold as many glorious days [and more!] as the past three years have. God has given me a wonderful man to stand beside, and I will be right there with him for the rest of my days. I could not have asked for a more beautiful life than the one I have been so graciously given, and I am thankful for it each day.

Happy Third Anniversary, my love.
And here's to many, many more.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Senior Portraits

Tonight was my sister's Senior Portrait session, and she asked me to accompany her. We met with her photographer at Frisco Central Park at 7pm, and had a great time creating memories. Below are a couple of sneak peaks that I snapped of them hard at work.

I was very impressed with the photographer, and am anxiously awaiting the reveal of the final product. I would have loved to do her portraits myself [as I did for the two siblings before her], but since I'm not working in a studio right now she chose to take advantage of the opportunity for outdoor photos. And if she had to have someone else photograph her, this was the way to do it.

Monday, August 9, 2010


A few of our little friends came over to swim with us tonight. They loved our big pool and all the fun toys to play with.

Grandpa taught them a fun new game, and this little one just couldn't get enough:

Little Man enjoyed his pool time as well, relaxing like a little king in his borrowed floater.

His trunks are still a tad too big (since I bought them for next summer), but none-the-less completely adorable - you can hardly see his feet, even when he's standing!

We all had a great time, and will surely sleep well tonight!