Sunday, August 8, 2010

Doubling Up

As is customary on Sundays, we attended church with my mother & sisters this morning (the men of the family were indisposed). Service began at 8am, with Bible Class at 9:30am, and we were home around 11am - as is the normal Sunday morning routine. 

But today we also had a second service to attend - the ordination and installation of Faith Lutheran Church's new Associate Pastor, Mark Amberg Preus. We accompanied Grandma & Grandpa out to the mission church in Wylie for a 3pm service and did not return home until nearly 7pm. 

Little Man did very well in both serviced today, of which I am very proud. And after approximately six hours of worship, study, and fellowship today, I am feeling blessed and refreshed. I was able to partake in Holy Communion twice (the second time from a man serving for his first time as an ordained minister of the Word), and am incredibly grateful for the forgiveness and salvation graciously provided therein. I am reminded of the importance of all the things gained from attending church on Sunday morning, and I look forward to next week and the new celebrations its service will bring.

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