Saturday, August 21, 2010

Girly Things

Growing up, having sisters was grand. There were dollies and dress-up clothes and make-believe galore. I was never short a playmate, and the adventures we had are unmatched by anything adult life can serve up. Even now, some of my favorite times are spent with the girls I grew up with, laughing and playing again.

Here in Iowa, we ladies are having a day reminiscent of childhood - with a grown-up twist. Husby's sister is in charge of make-up for their brother's wedding in October; today is a practice run with the bride-to-be. While the little ones nap, we're jamming to Backstreet Boys and getting prettied up. After four months of motherhood - with it's late nights and fast showers - it's nice to take the time to feel like a girl again!


  1. We had lots of fun playing dress-up with you and your sisters in your basement when we were all kids!!