Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pie Day

Husby is on his way to be with us here in Texas, and in celebration, I've been baking pies. It appears that I'm Little Susie Homemaker today.

I started out making an Apple Pie
with fresh apples brought over by a friend.
Apple Pie served with Vanilla Ice Cream
is as American as ... well, Apple Pie!
Since I was on a pie-making streak, I decided we would have Chicken Pot Pie for dinner.

Baking in the oven
Golden Brown and Delicious
All set for Family Dinner.
The meal was certainly a hit, and another Apple Pie has been requested for the near future [we have to use up the apples before they go bad, and what better way is there?].

Those of you who looked closely at that last photo will also notice that the new flatware we ordered here arrived today! We were ecstatic to open that package and put the pieces to good use.

We could hardly contain our excitement!
Included in the package was:
Eight Tea Spoons
Eight Soup Spoons
Eight Dinner Knives
And ...
Sixteen Forks!
(Unfortunately, I didn't
get them all in one photo.)
All other 'wimpy' flatware has been removed from the drawer organizer, and Daddy is on his way to us. Life is good.


  1. Your pie crusts are so beautiful! I can do homemade crust, and it tastes great....but it's never that "pretty!" Way to go! :)

  2. Oh my ... thank you, but those were certainly not home-made crusts! I'm a store-bought girl when it comes to those kinds of things. I did the latticing myself, but used a pre-made crust cut into strips. I wish I could say I pulled this off all on my own, but sadly, I had help. :)

  3. I was gonna compliment you on your crust. Mom tells me that it's super easy to make but I'm still scared to death! LOL The lattice work is gorgeous though, even with "help". And I LOVE chicken pot pie. love, love, love!

    Glad to hear that Matt is on his way to you! :-) ((Hugs))