Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Morning Anti-Social

This morning, we took Little Man to Opa's church for the first time. After the service, nearly every woman in the congregation came over to check out the baby. I understand that people [especially women] love to look at little ones, but I am annoyed when they all want to touch him - much less hold him. What makes people think it's alright for them to get right into my child's face? Family is one thing, but ladies who I don't know [or know, and don't like] putting their faces and hands in my little guy's space is not something I'm fond of. Luckily for me [and for Little Man], he fell asleep in my arms halfway through the service, meaning that he was blissfully unaware of the unwanted intrusions into our bubble and I had a valid excuse for refusing to hand him over to someone I wouldn't trust to hold my coffee, much less my exponentially more precious child. If only we both could have been blissfully unaware ...

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