Thursday, August 19, 2010

To Grandmother's House We Go

We're on our way to Iowa to visit Nana & Opa [and lots of other family members who will be at Nana's also].

While en route to Wichita yesterday, it occurred to us that we were already [nearly] halfway and could make it to Nana's before bedtime if we continued the drive today. So, with our suitcase packed with three days worth of clothes for each of us [this was supposed to be just an overnight trip afterall], we're now hoping to spend a week or so with Daddy's famliy.

At the moment, Nana's house is packed full of people who love us. Of course, Nana & Opa are there. Plus Uncle Air Force, who has been living with them since the end of his enlistment. Then there's an Auntie and two cousins who are staying with Nana & Opa until their home life is repaired. And this weekend, Uncle Art Teacher will be home to visit, and while he's here almost-Auntie Fiance' will be stopping by. [Not to mention, both Uncles have doggies who are living at Nana's right now as well.] That's a grand total of eight adults and three children who will be sitting down to at least one meal together and trying to find space to sleep at night. This will be the first time since her children grew up and moved out that Nana will have all four of them - and their families - home at one time. Crazytown, here we come.


  1. "Like" isn't strong enough for this post! Hug all of them for me! ((Hugs))