Friday, September 24, 2010


Today was Little Man's four-month check-up and immunizations. We've had some concerns lately about his weight gain and growth, and were disappointed to have our fears confirmed today: Little Man isn't growing as he should be. At nearly five months old [just two days away], he weighs a mere 11lbs. 6oz. and is a quarter inch shy of two feet tall. His pediatrician reassured us that he can catch up fairly easily - we just need to feed him more, and more often. Since we're now well established into rice cereal, we've been given the go-ahead to start him on veggies as well. Hopefully, the extra flavor will encourage him to eat more for each meal [he's been balking at the rice lately, complaining as we feed him] and thus help him get to a healthier weight.

For the most part, he's a rather content baby. He lets us know when he's hungry, eats until he appears to be full, and doesn't complain much until it's time to eat again. Since he's not telling me that he's unhappy, I'm not too concerned at this point. We'll be headed back to the doctor in three weeks so she can weigh and measure him again to get a better idea of how he's growing, so I'll save my worrying until she tells me I need it. My Mommy Instincts tell me that he's healthy, and until I hear otherwise, I guess I'll just have to trust that he is.


  1. Hang in there! Maybe he'll love the addition of veggies and take off like a rocket!

    (((Hugs))) keep me posted!

  2. Thanks Jen ... so far, so good ... but we'll see how he does tomorrow ...

  3. Miriam lost 10 oz between her 5 and 6 month appointments. The doctor encouraged us to feed her regular "meals" of baby cereal/food at 4 months, and Miriam was never a good nurser. Probably a mistake on our part to introduce the cereals/foods that early with her. But, she loved them!

    David, on the other hand, was a great nurser, and we started him at 4 months with cereals/foods, and we had no problem. But, I'm sure the difference in nursing made the difference in weight.

    With #3, I think I'm going to base whether to start cereals/foods at 4 or 6 months based on how he/she nurses.