Saturday, September 4, 2010

Party Perspective

Tonight was the birthday party for a particular six-year-old with a fondness for princesses. Complete with a Princess Cake [the top half of Barbie stuck in a round cake base] and themed presents, this little miss was treated to a celebration any princess would have been proud of. 

Little Miss's Momma had an interesting [and intriguing] idea on party guests that I believe I may adapt for my own children's parties down the road: rather than inviting a bunch of six-year-old girls, who may or may not be 'friends' of her daughter, and whose parents would mearly drop them off and return once the mayhem had subsided, she chose to allow her daughter to invite "a few of her favorite people" - which included our family [she and her sisters are pretty fond of my dad, and the rest of us by default]. This way, there were a few special families invited, and the event was a party rather than a few hours of free baby-sitting for the other children's parents.

Growing up, our birthday parties were usually similar - my parents would invite the families we were close to, and we would all get together [many children, with wide age ranges] to swim and play and eat cake together. As I think back on it, these parties were more enjoyable than some I attended where there were no parents [other than of the birthday child], and everything was a little crazier. Perhaps Little Man will have 'family parties' instead of the more traditional [American] 'kid parties' ... but I suppose we'll have to wait and see ...

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