Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rain Dancing

As a child, my sister and I used to run outside to play anytime it started raining. Forgoing umbrella and galoshes for wet clothes and bare feet, we'd run and jump into any puddle we could find. We were silly little girls, laughing and giggling as we frolicked in the sprinkles.

Since we've grown, these exciting adventures have subsided, being replaced by concerns for our appearance and well-being. We've taken to using umbrellas and running inside when the rain starts. We seem to have become old and boring. 

But today, we reclaimed our youthful giggles as the downpour drenched us to the skin. As the storm rolled in, we reminisced of 'the old days' when rain storms meant puddles to kick up at a sister, to jump into without a care. And when the rain was it's hardest, we dashes out onto the sidewalk, down the block to where the cement is sinking and the puddles are glorious, and danced to our hearts' content; the laughter we shared should keep us both healthy for a long time to come.

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