Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rice Cereal - Take II

Daddy got to feed Little Man some cereal tonight [Momma did most of the feeding last night, but was busy making dinner for the big people this time], and the event was not welcome at first. Little Man was pretty hungry by the time we were ready to feed him, and cereal was not what he wanted.
Eventually he discovered that if he swallowed what Daddy was giving him, his tummy felt less empty. But he had a hard time wrapping his mind around eating without sucking on something. "Maybe my thumb will do the trick."
But every time he saw Momma walk by, he started up his crying again: "Momma, I'm hungry, and you're the one who feeds me ... why aren't you over here?!"
Tonight he managed to eat a couple of tablespoons [which is a vast improvement from last night], and was still hungry afterward. A few minutes of nursing later and he was just fine. Hopefully he'll continue to progress, and we can have him eating mostly cereal for dinner at night - and perhaps he'll even go back to sleeping through the night. This is one hopeful Momma ...

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