Saturday, September 11, 2010


Little Man got his first costume today! We have two festive occasions coming up for which a costume is appropriate, and this year my baby boy will be battling it out for Cutest Kiddo.

The Allen Escadrille hosts an annual Boo Bowl, where they all dress up for the football game nearest October 31st. This year, Little Man will be accompanying Auntie B & Auntie K to the game, in dress-up garb of his own.

Also, our church hosts a "Treat'n'Feast" every year, to give the kids a safe and friendly alternative to the traditional "Trick or Treat". We'll be a dressed up and ready to play some games and win some candy; no need to worry about cavities since he doesn't have any teeth.


  1. pictures? You're killing me.... I have officially DIED. lol (((Hugs)))

  2. Oh Jen ... no photos yet, you'll have to wait for the cuteness at the end of October!