Friday, October 22, 2010

Sugar Cookies

For Christmas last year, my sister gave me a bucket of 100+ cookie cutters. Her hope was that I would use them to make cookies with my then-still-in-utero child, and subsequent children. Said child has kept me busy enough that today was my first opportunity to break out my colorful shapes and make some delicious art work. In honor of the coming 'holiday' [I'm not terribly fond of the scariness of Halloween], we made a cat, a ghost, a bat, and a moon - the last of which I didn't originally associate with this late-October event, but it was labeled to match the others, so we went with it.
Included with the others were all 26 letters and 8 numbers [the 6 & 9 are one in the same, the O usable as a 0] to enable creation of nearly any sentiment. Spelling out our names took up most of the dough, and I was left with just enough to make three 'gingerbread' people [can you call them gingerbread if they're made of sugar cookies?] to represent our little family.
Many other shapes remain yet to be used, and I look forward to all the unique shapes and possible creations for Easter, Independence Day, Christmas and many other occasions. 

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