Saturday, November 13, 2010

And we're off ...

... to Mississippi.

My mom and I hit the road this afternoon. We have two cars, and were approved to transport both to Keesler, so we're each driving a separate vehicle. It's been a little odd going on a road trip and not talking to the person you're traveling with in between stops.

Our drive has been uneventful so far, but as much as we've avoided trouble, our men have had their share and ours. A few hours after leaving yesterday, they were pulled over in Oklahoma and alerted to a spray of diesel coming from their tailpipe. Roadside Assistance was phoned, but this particular issue was low on their priority list, and it would be hours until someone could get to them - hours we didn't have. So they continued on, stopped at the next Budget they found [a couple of hours further along their trek], and had the issue assessed - it was determined that there wasn't a large problem [just some suffering gas mileage], and they were told to carry on with their journey since the truck was still operational. Let's just note that at this point there was a minimal payload being hauled, as they were still on their way to Iowa and the majority of our belongings.

Having arrived in Iowa last night, they were able to get the contents of our storage unit loaded into the truck this morning. Things were relatively on schedule, until they got pulled over again just south of Iowa City, for the same reason. Only this time, the officer was insistent that they call Budget again and get them to send someone right away to fix the problem. Three hours later, the promised repair man was still yet to appear, and our boys were restless. Heading for the Missouri border, they went 'on the run', hoping to avoid getting pulled over again, since it might mean trouble for them. 

They're hoping to make it to my aunt's house in the Saint Louis area tonight, and resolve the issue there in the morning. Being near a big city should mean that there are more mechanics with better resources to get this issue resolved right away and get them back on the road. We'll see how that goes ... there's a rumor going around that we're going to need a new truck - meaning unloading this one and reloading the new one, taking up hours we didn't have to begin with, and certainly don't have now that about four hours have been wasted making calls and waiting on a non-existent repair man. 

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