Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Packing

Packing, packing, and more packing. Have I mentioned how much I love packing? If I have, I was kidding. This moving thing is not my favorite. But, it means a better life for my family, and I'm excited to get to Mississippi. I just wish that I had a magical packing fairy to help me out.

I spent nearly an entire day washing & drying, folding, organizing, and packing Husby's uniforms. With four or more sets of each type, and three different types, I was up to my eyeballs in camouflage, dress blues, and fitness gear. Then, of course, there's the baby clothes - of which many no longer fit Little Man, and should be boxed separately so that I know not to worry about unpacking them right away. And I won't even touch on my own closet; consider yourself spared.

All in all, we'll have both cars packed tight, as well as a large moving truck filled to the brim with the possessions from our storage unit in Iowa. Some of the things there have not left their boxes since we've been married - here's hoping I can condense and discard while unpacking in Mississippi.

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  1. Moving stinks. We got rid of quite a bit of stuff before we moved out here, and we've gotten rid of quite a bit of stuff since we've been here, too. I'm glad I don't have my dad's pack-rat mentality! But then again, he's got a huge house, detached 3 car garage, and hasn't moved in 20 years. :)