Monday, November 8, 2010

Our Next Adventure

Back in this post, I told you all about our plans - Little Man & I were supposed to be staying here in Dallas with Grandma & Grandpa while Husby heads off to tech school in Mississippi. But, as always, our plans are fluid and have been changed once again. Brace yourself.

Since Husby's schooling will be for more than six months, his unit is sending all three of us to Keesler Air Force Base for the duration. Not only will we be together [which is a welcome change - Little Man and I were not looking forward to all that time without Daddy], but we are also being provided with housing while we're there. As in, we'll be living in a house. For the first time in our married life, we won't be in an apartment or a spare room in someone else's home. I can't wait. And since we'll be in a house, we'll need to move all of our things there - which is also being paid for. So we're renting a moving truck [on Uncle Sam's dollar], collecting our scattered belongings, and taking our little family on a new adventure.

Husby's training starts on Monday, November 15th, so we're getting all packed up and ready to leave this Friday [that way we have time to drive the truck from here to Iowa, load everything that's still in storage there, and make it to Mississippi by Sunday night]. It'll be a whirlwind move, be we're more than ready for it.


  1. Just curious - why didn't you have TMO do all the moving for you? Also, just curious - what does your husband do?

  2. With a DITY move, we'll end up pocketing about a grand, so it was worth the extra effort. :)
    He's in training to work in SatCom - I'd give details if only I knew them. :)