Sunday, November 14, 2010

Still In-Transit

Grandma, Momma & Little Man arrived safely in Biloxi this afternoon, checked in to the base hotel, and got to work settling into our temporary housing and waiting on Daddy & Grandpa. Our day has been fairly easy [like yesterday]; their's has not:

Budget promised a mechanic would be out to the truck between 8:00 & 8:30 this morning. At 10:30, one finally arrived, only to determine that he needed an inaccessible part in order to replace the broken fuel line and get our truck [and our men] back on the road. Quoted a road-ready truck by Monday afternoon, we knew we had to figure out an alternative plan. Both men are obligated Monday morning; Grandpa must be back to work in Dallas, and Husby is to report to his first day of training, to which he cannot be late [much less absent]. Yet another call to Budget matched them to a proactive woman who did her best to remedy the situation. Locating an identical truck in their fleet, she offered to hire professional movers to transfer our belongings from the broken truck to the [assumed to be] working one. Still, we would be stuck waiting more hours, and be forced even further behind schedule [at this point, things were about 5 hours late]. We objected to this plan. Thinking on her feet, she instead sent the mechanic to switch our broken piece for the new[er] one on the other truck, meaning no transfer of items, and the quickest return to travel that could be managed [We scratched our heads wondering why we didn't think of that!].

Finally leaving my aunt's 4+ hours behind schedule [plus the four from yesterday], our men now have a [relatively] well-functioning truck, with no forseeable reason for more altercations with local law enforcement [No speeding, boys!]. While they'll be significantly later than expected, at least they'll be here [though not until about 2am, when we originally thought we would be reunited by 6pm]. Tomorrow will be a long day for Husby, who has an 8-hour day of classes, followed by a meeting with his guard liaison, then a check-in with the housing office and [possibly] a tour of our new home, all on very few hours of sleep. Luckily, I was able to stock up on his favorite energy drinks, so he'll be jittery & buzzed, but not sleepy. Ah, the sacrifices we make ...

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