Saturday, November 6, 2010


Having Great-Grandma & Pop here to visit has been wonderful! Not only have we had the chance to spend time with two of our favorite people, but Grandma also got a new floor in her living room and hallways - something she's been wanting for years!

For Little Man, having two sets of great-grandparents means he gets that much more love and snuggles. We've only just recently realized that he's more fortunate than most other babies, who may not have any great-grandparents at all. Growing up, Husby and I each had only one great-grandmother who we knew [and I had two others who passed away while I was still very young]. What a blessing that this child will grow up with the wisdom of the Greatest Generation at his fingertips.

GG & Pop are headed out tomorrow morning, but we sure have enjoyed seeing them for the last few days. We hope they visit again soon!

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