Saturday, December 25, 2010

Baby's First Christmas

This morning, we awoke to a cooing baby and pouring rain - so much for a white Christmas. I guess Mississippi isn't much for snow. We took a rain check on our plans to take Little Man to the beach on his first Christmas, and enjoyed our day inside instead.

Giddy like children ourselves, Husby and I were anxious to get downstairs for the opening of presents. We had gifts to and from each other, of course, but we were really more excited about the things for Little Man. At first, he was more interested in the tearing of the paper, but once he saw the goodies inside the packages he was anxious to try out his new toys.

Miscellaneous gifts from Great-Aunt Sal
Stacking cups - that fit together to form balls - from Grandma & Grandpa
Bath time toys from Momma & Daddy
A Lambie made with love from Nana & Opa

Thank you to everyone who sent their love this Christmas.
Your kindness has warmed our home,
and your recipes have filled our bellies.

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