Sunday, December 26, 2010

Eight Months Old

Just over six months ago, I shared this photo of my little boy, all dressed up in his sweater vest. The outfit was a little too big at the time, but I assumed he would grow into [and out of] it quickly. Little did I know, we would stumble upon some growth issues in the next months, and only now be on the way to bigger things. After a bit of a hiccup, Little Man is growing strong [and fast!], and I fear that we will no longer be able to fit into this particular ensemble. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Every mother wants their child to grow, but do we ever really want them to grow up? To commemorate both his passage into the next clothing size and the next month of life, a photo session was surely in order.
My darling boy,
Eight months ago, you were our brand-new baby - tiny and fragile, but with great potential. Every day we see you growing and learning, perfecting the skills you'll need to become a 'big boy'. While your crawling still needs a little more practice [those arms just won't cooperate!], you've become a master sitter and chewer of many things. Daddy's name still escapes you, but you know to call for "mama" when you're in need. We're having such fun helping you explore your world, and we pray that the next months are increasingly entertaining. Keep growing, my son, as our love for you grows.

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  1. Grandma & Grandpa12/29/10, 5:18 PM

    Cutest baby boy ever!