Friday, December 3, 2010

Rag Dolls

Today, I'm scoring Cool Points in the Auntie category. Why, you ask? Because I'm making rag dolls for my nieces. Nieces, plural, you ask? [My, you're inquisitive today!] Yes, plural - my sweet little sister is expecting a lovely little one in April. What better preparation for a new life than a new doll? Exactly what I said. [Plus, I'm sure my three-year-old niece would love a new dolly for her next birthday.]

I found a preprinted pattern on clearance, and thought I would give her a shot. I'm also making my own pattern from this one, so as to be able to personalize each doll to best fit her 'mommy'. So far, things are going together fairly well; I am hopeful that the end result might actually be snuggle-able. 
2 yards of fabric, printed with doll, dress, hair ties and instructions.
We are to assume our project will end up looking something like this.
Doll body, cut and laid right-sides-together, ready for sewing.
Dress & liner, with hair ties, ready to be sewn.
To be continued ...

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