Friday, January 21, 2011


He doesn't have many, but he isn't afraid to let us know when we're feeding him something he doesn't like. The boy will gag to the point of vomit before he'll swallow that next bite. Yuck.

Thus far the list consists of:

Bananas (Plain)
We've tried from a jar and straight from the peel - this is one fruit Little Man will not eat unless it's mixed with apples, pear, cranberries, or some other taste-disguising food. Much to Grandpa's chagrin, it appears that he isn't a fan of this slimy meal - at least for now.

Turkey & Potatoes
We tried this one twice, afraid that maybe he was just sick the first time, only to find that the meal was the cause of the mess he made. Interestingly, he has no aversion to other turkey meals; it's just this one that apparently didn't sit well.

Since I still have two unopened jars, I see an exchanging trip in my future ...

Beef & Veggies
Learning from the turkey meal above, we stopped feeding when the gagging ensued on this one. Thus, the breakfast and lunch jars from today are empty, while the dinner jar is ... not. Rather than induce the mess-making, we chose to end supper early tonight. Little Man didn't seem to mind.

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