Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year,
New Camera,
New Blog

As a combination Christmas present from my gracious parents and my darling husband, this year brought me a new camera. Not the one we opened when they were here, as you may have thought - as it turns out, there were some glitches with the memory, and it needed to be returned. Instead of replacing it, my parents decided to donate the cash to our fund for a more professional camera [as a prior portrait photographer with Lifetouch, and an 'advanced amateur', I prefer a camera with a few more 'bells & whistles' than the average point & shoot]. Added to the amount Husby wanted to put towards my gift, we had enough to purchase the model I've had my eye on for a while now. Arriving last night, it has already been tested and assessed - and has passed inspection with flying colors. Finally, we can return the two cameras we've borrowed from my family, as we now have our own way of immortalizing special events and occasions - as well as the mundane, everyday activities of life with my boys.

To commemorate both a new camera and a new year - one which we pray is filled with joy - I've taken on a second blog. While this one is for daily anecdotes about our life and the [many] adventures it brings, the new one is a photo blog, a place where I can post images in an environment more suited for viewing. Even with this new publishing medium, the quantity of images posted here is unlikely to diminish. I've merely given myself the opportunity to post a larger selection of photographs [both in size and quantity], in an effort to flex my photographer's muscles.

Welcome, 2011 - we're ready for whatever adventures you may bring. But be warned, there will be photographic evidence ...


  1. Excellent. Can't wait to see more of you all.

  2. Woohoo! I've been wanting one of those cameras for a LONG time, still waiting....