Thursday, January 27, 2011

Space Shirts

Using a method brought to my attention here and detailed here, I spiced spaced up a couple of Little Man's shirts this afternoon. It turned out to be a surprisingly simple (and inexpensive) project, and I think I just might have to repeat it once he grows into the next size.

Supplies included permanent acrylic paint, freezer paper, and sponges - that's it! Freezer paper adheres to fabric when ironed, thus creating a stencil for easy painting. I found a couple of images I liked, traced them onto the freezer paper, carefully cut them out with a box knife, and away we went. Anxiously awaiting his new aparel, Little Man was content to chew on some crackers while Momma worked. An enjoyable afternoon project, costing about $5. 

Final product: two space-themed silhouettes to adorn my future explorer.

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