Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Name-Changer

There's about a 50% chance that our tiniest family member is another little man - we won't know for sure until somewhere near the end of April. To avoid any confusion, Little Man has decided to allow a name-change. We've decided that it's much simpler and easier to know him [and his sibling(s)] by initials. That way, down the road when there are 12 children to keep up with, we won't have to try to remember which nickname goes with which child. [Number of children courtesy of Husby, who thinks 12 is the minimum. Ha.]

From this day forth, Little Man is to be known as RJ. Let it be known.


  1. I'm sure I've told you this before but Marc made me promise before we got married that if we got to 10 it would be named Death Star Jr. We are so not making it to 10.....

  2. Your hubby is one funny guy. :-)

  3. Rachel - We are so not making it to 12. He just likes to tease me. :) And I think #2 should be named Wedge, regardless of gender.

    Jen - Was he this funny as a kid? 'Cause he sure keeps me in stitches ... :)