Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Remember when I got sick last month, and had that fantastic run-in with government healthcare? The doctor asked me all sorts of questions, including ones about my womanly-ness, and was concerned that I might have reason to be careful about the medications I could take. She sent me down to the lab for a blood test, and I shrugged it off thinking there it would surely come back negative. That's when God giggled at me. The call came back that it turned up positive - we were in fact expecting our second child. And not just barely, either. We were estimated to be 8 weeks along already, and encouraged to schedule an appointment with the OB clinic as soon as possible.

We were ecstatic - Husby especially! He picked me up and swung me around the living room (safely, of course - we did have another tiny life to think about after all), thanking the Lord for this new blessing. We had almost no idea this child existed: a few weeks earlier, I had suspected, but after six negative home tests, we tucked the idea away in the back of our minds and waited.

Today was our first ultrasound, confirming what we already knew: that a new life was growing strong within me. Estimated at 13 weeks (based only on dates), the sonogram measured the baby at 11 weeks, giving us a due date of September 12th. It's too early to tell the gender (we'll have that ultrasound in about 9 more weeks), but we don't care. This little one has already been welcomed into our family.

Baby's First Photo

Momma's Belly - 11 weeks, 1 days


  1. Oh, Katy, I'm crying, I'm so excited for you guys! That's WONDERFUL!