Thursday, March 10, 2011

Baby Corral

After spending 3 hours attempting to fold laundry that RJ worked to unfold almost as fast as I folded, I decided that we needed some way to pen him in for small periods of time. How else will I ever get anything done around here? I could put him in his highchair, but he's getting pretty good at trying to climb out [even with the buckle] and I don't really want to feed him Cheerios all day long. What's a mother to do? We found the solution in a baby corral - a fence-like apparatus to keep him in his toy corner while I work nearby. Folding the laundry now takes about 15 minutes, a twelfth of the time it would with RJ's "help", and I can even run off to the bathroom for a moment without worrying about what he'll get into while I'm gone. Peace of mind comes in a fence, folks.

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