Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tornado Warning

Anyone who knows me well knows that when the sky turns green my heart jumps into my throat. Growing up in Missouri, I had my 'run and hide' skills honed - one time, I was even brave enough to run upstairs to grab my favorite stuffed animal before ducking down in the basement. Even now I shudder to think that I could have been swept away in my attempt to rescue Prommy. [Yes, a little over-dramatic, but that swirl of wind and destruction scares the pants off of me!] So when the muffled man came over the loud speaker with some important announcement followed by a steady wining signal, I knew to duck and cover. I yelled to Husby upstairs that I needed him now, grabbed RJ, a paci, and a few blankets, and hid myself in the most central part of my house - the hallway next to the bathroom and garage, as far away from windows and out-going doors as I could. I could see the sky take on a much darker, greener shade, and I began to shake. Husby, meanwhile, stood by the back doors (which are entirely windows) and waited for the muffled man to make his announcement again, hoping to catch what he was saying. "If I see something coming, I'll run to hide with you." His attempts to reassure me were futile - I was sure my family was going to be blown away. Finally, we were able to discern what was being broadcast over the loudspeaker: "A tornado has been spotted in your area - take cover immediately". Husby was now forced to sit with us in the corner - I wasn't going to let him out of my reach. We huddled together in fear (okay, I was the only one in fear, the boys thought I was silly) for the next 20ish minutes until given the all clear. Today, we survived a could-be disaster. We'll live to see another tornado, I'm sure, and I won't like it any more then.

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