Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby Wearing

The more I research what's best for my children, the more I'm finding that the 'old' way of doing things is the way I like best. 100 years ago, we didn't have playpens and bouncy chairs; instead, women strapped their babies to themselves so they could continue working while caring for the child. Today, there are many who look at women who 'wear' their babies as some kind of hippy who doesn't want to conform to 'normal' motherhood. But what good reason can you give me for leaving my child while I get other things done?

When RJ was small, I had a sling to carry him in. With him snuggled close, I could wash and fold the laundry, start dinner, and write a blog - with both hands free! He loved being near me, and even slept most of the time he spent in the sling. Unfortunately, I ordered a size too big, and once I lost my pregnancy weight, it became too loose for him to sit in it comfortably. Since he was getting to be a heavier, more mobile child, I didn't bother to order a smaller one - we just adjusted our routine, and he was able to play independently while I worked.

This time, instead of a sling, I'm looking forward to wearing my child in a wrap. After some research (that I should have done before RJ), I found a simple tutorial here on how to make my own. Rather than spend upwards of $30, I can get all the fabric I need for about $10 and have a baby carrier tailored to our needs. This way, Baby can be near me at all times, and I'll still have a hand or two available to catch RJ. Plus, there are tons of YouTube videos with instructions on different ways to wear Baby depending on his age and our needs - I can even nurse him in it, which just might come in handy when the toddler doesn't want to sit still while Baby eats. I've yet to find a flaw with this plan, and as such have sewn a wrap for myself and one for my sister and her little girl. Now I just have to wait 4.5 more months to use it.

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