Thursday, April 21, 2011


My husband is a genius.

Striving for a degree in Mathematics, he's plotted a course for himself that brings him to the completion of a Bachelor's withing the next year or so. To do so, he must take a Calculus II course over the summer - but, to be able to enroll in Calculus II, one must have credit for Calculus I. Unable to fit another class into his schedule at this time, he instead taught himself calculus with the help of Khan Academy and MIT OpenCourseware, which allowed him to view class lectures online for free. In his free time (ie: when he comes home to a sleeping family but isn't quite ready for bed yet himself) he studied, and with his white board, he practiced. And practiced. And today, he went in for the Calculus CLEP test, to receive credit for all the work he's done.

He passed the Calculus CLEP, a test with only an 18% pass rate. My husband is a genius.

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  1. Dad/Grandpa4/28/11, 6:59 AM

    You definitely did not marry your father. Tell him we are very proud of him.