Friday, April 8, 2011

Government Shut-Down

As I write this, we're mere hours away from a possible government shut-down, and from what I'm hearing, the military will not be paid until things get started back up again. So that paycheck we're expecting on the 15th? It'll be half of what it's supposed to be, since we're only going to be paid through today. And after that, we're on our own. Oh, yes, we'll be back-paid when this budget finally gets passed, but until then, this money has to last. And since the shut-down could be anywhere from a week to 6 months long, I'm stressing a little about the dangerously small amount of dollars I see when I log in to my online banking. I'm not too worried about paying the bills - we live in base housing, so our roof and utilities are no-cost, and any other debts can be stalled if needed - but buying the groceries is going to get pretty difficult when all I have left is $2. 

A shut-down might be just what we need to kick-start this country into doing the right thing, so I'm not against it in principal. But I do have to feed my husband and child(ren), which requires us to have money. At this point, we wait and pray. The Lord will provide.

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