Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ice Cream

For anyone looking for a new business venture, 
I have a recommendation: Ice Cream Delivery.

I find myself home tonight, with a sleeping child and a husband who won't be home from work for hours, and a sudden craving for ice cream. Of course, the last of our supply was finished off just yesterday - and not by me, I might add - leaving my craving unsatisfiable. With no way to go out and get it for myself [this particular craving isn't bad enough to warrant waking the sleeping babe], and no one to get it for me, I'm stuck. If only there was a delivery service I could call. I'm not sure what I would order exactly - it would depend, of course, on their selection - but I know it would be sweet and cold and delicious. But, alas, here I sit, with no delectable dessert to delight me.

But oh, wouldn't a service like this make such an amazing profit? Imagine, pregnant women everywhere, able to get their ice cream on a whim! And maybe they could offer more that just frozen treats! What if they would run and fetch for you whatever it was that your baby belly beckoned? If only ... 

Perhaps we should make that 
Pregnancy Craving Delivery.

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