Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Naptime Crafting

There's a little boy around here who will be turning one soon, and is in need of a special birthday shirt. I found one I loved at Target, but it wasn't worth the $10 price tag when it looked simple enough to make myself. A little internet research yielded this tutorial, which - with a little tweaking - brought forth a Momma-made outfit for my birthday boy:

The "1" shirt came together so quickly and easily that I couldn't resist styling the other two onesies from the new pack. With Easter just around the corner, RJ needed a tie to wear for church, but I couldn't decided which type - so we have both a traditional necktie and a bow tie (because bow ties are cool).

Over the course of one nap time, I've managed to 'create' three new RJ shirts with time to spare. With a project this simple, you just might be seeing more of these types of shirts around here.

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  1. Dad/Grandpa4/28/11, 6:58 AM

    Those are fantastic! Can't wait to see 'em!