Friday, April 1, 2011


After the discombobulation of yesterday, we're back on track with our travel and visit plans today. Opa was gracious enough to pick us up this morning (over an hour's drive each way for him) so we could spend the weekend with him at Nana's house. Daddy flew in to a nearby airport, where Grandpa (who rode with us) was able to catch a flight home. I accompanied Grandpa into the airport to switch him out for my husband, and on our way through security we found this appropriate sign:

Post-Security at MKE
(Perhaps the TSA's idea of an April Fool's Joke?)

Ah, just what I needed - a place to recombobulate myself after the last few days (and, of course, the security check-point). With a quick trade-off, Husby and I were back on our way out to Opa and RJ, who were waiting in the car. Moments later, we arrived at Nana's house, to be greeted by the snuggles only a grandmother can give. 

Uncle Art also joined us a few hours later. Finally able to relax and enjoy our time together, we headed out for a tour of their locale and a family dinner at Cracker Barrel.

Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
(Daddy & RJ, Momma, Opa, Uncle Art)

Out to Dinner
(Opa, Uncle Art, Daddy)

(RJ, Momma, Nana)

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