Sunday, April 24, 2011

RJ's First Easter

Today is the most important day. Without the Resurrection celebrated on Easter Sunday, our faith is void. Nothing else matters if this is false. 

We haven't been the most faithful church attendees since moving here to Mississippi. Our synod is not consistent in the teachings from congregation to congregation, and it has been difficult to find a church where correct theology is being preached from the pulpit. The churches down here are wrong, and there is little worshiping done in a service where most focus is on filtering out the bad. The best we've been able to find in our area is the least-wrong congregation, and although we haven't been in attendance every Sunday, we joined them this morning - the celebrating of Easter outweighs any trepidation about incorrect teachings.

My two favorite men, be-decked in ties for Easter service.

Away from family, there was no big meal with rowdy siblings - just the three (four!) of us at home together. I hummed an Easter hymn of two for most of the afternoon, and RJ enjoyed his day of celebrating. And while today is the most important, two days from now is another celebration he's pretty stoked about as well.

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