Monday, May 2, 2011

Birth Options

This baby's birth approaches, and while I continue to tell myself that we have plenty of time to prepare, the time of preparations is upon us. As I prepare myself for the delivery of another child, I look back at the experience we had bringing RJ into the world and find myself wondering if all the drugs I had were really necessary. After all, women have been birthing babies for thousands of years - there's got to be something better than hooked up to machines, laying in bed, waiting for a stranger to tell me what to do.

Enter friends who've delivered naturally. With these women to answer my questions and reassure me that my body can, in fact, handle this, I've set out on a course toward a (more) natural birth. In Kansas, where we'll be in a matter of weeks, I found an instructor in the Bradley Method who I plan to contact upon our arrival. Hopefully, Husby and I will be able to find an hour or so a week without RJ (ha!) to meet with her and learn all the things that can help us work together to birth this child. While I'm not completely opposed to pain meds (lets face it, I'm a bit of a wimp), I would like to make it farther on my own and maybe even avoid an epidural.

By no means do I make any promises, other than to have a healthy baby in the end, but I want to give myself more options this time around. This could all be a total failure, but a girl can at least try, right?

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