Friday, May 27, 2011


Grandma's house has a swimming pool, and we've been quite tempted to take a dip recently. RJ, however, is rather timid about the idea. Splash the water? Sure. But get in? No, thank you.

Even if he didn't want to get in the big pool, Grandma wanted him to be able to safely play in the water. She sent us to Target with explicit instructions for the purchase of a baby pool "for the Grandkids" (let's note here that Baby Cousin is just over a month old and won't be splashing around any time soon). We returned with a wading pool shaped like a whale, which was immediately approved by both Grandma & RJ.

Once he had a chance to get used to the idea of playing in the water, he was willing to let the aunties take him into the big pool. Shortly after he ventured in, Husby and I dashed away for a much-needed date night, and he hardly even knew we were gone.

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