Thursday, June 30, 2011


One year ago today I sat in a tiny, old, one-bedroom TLF at Hill Air Force Base and missed my family. A thousand miles from the nearest friend, I was a lonely mother of a 2-month-old little boy. I yearned for a connection to everyone we had left behind. This blog was born out of my desperation - grandparents wanted updates on the baby, and I needed an outlet. Each afternoon, I sat down to chronicle our life, and through those daily missiles I felt a little closer to home.

It wasn't long until we were able to leave Utah, the source of the most unhappy months of my life, and found ourselves nearer to at least some of the people we loved. But many interested parties were still far from us, and voiced their support for my continuing narrative of our life. I've maintained the daily updates through life in 4 different states now, with visits to many others, and have enjoyed the connection this blog gives me to loved ones far and near.

Not only have I kept in closer contact with those whom we love, but I've also gotten to know many other mommas here in the blogging interwebs. Priceless knowledge and strength has been gleaned from the posts of mothers just like me, raising their families in a manner I would like to imitate. Through my connection to other bloggers, I've learned about myself and how to be a better mother to my boys and wife to my loving Husby.

With the birth of our second child merely weeks away, daily postings are a luxury I'm not sure I'll be able to afford myself in the near future. I intended this blog as a place to hold memories, to be able to look back and see where we've been. And while I've done my best to keep up with a daily post, I've begun to see that this blog and it's readers may benefit from less-frequent, more-heartfelt postings. Thus, I've decided to cease holding myself to a once-a-day standard. Have no fear, little blog - you'll still be seeing me often. But from now on, my visits will be more meaning full and less hurried. My boys keep my busy, and I'm sure they'll keep your pages alive and well.

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