Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bradley Birth

In preparation for the birth of our second child, Husby and I have been doing quite a bit of research. Looking back, there were many things about RJ's birth that could have - and should have - been done differently. Most of the decisions we the first time around were uneducated (even though we thought we were informed). Our labor was induced, and epidural was administered, I pushed for 3 hours, and ultimately a vacuum was used to assist in the delivery. At the time, these things we presented to us as both normal and safe. Now that we've done more research and educated ourselves, we know this to be untrue.

Instead of a repeat performance (which would be perfectly acceptable from the viewpoint of the medical community), we're looking for a more natural birth this time around. I did an extensive amount of research into the options and methods available, and came upon the Bradley Method. I had heard about it from other Christian parents, and was intrigued; after looking into it further, we decided that it looked like the best course for us and we signed up to take the classes.

This evening was our second class session, and so far we are thrilled with the method. Dr. Bradley, who 'invented' the method, comes at things from a simple, Godly perspective, making the whole process easier to understand and much, much less frightening. We're getting lots of good, useful information, and are excited to continue in our learning. The method is deemed "husband-coached childbirth", teaching husbands and wives to work together through labor and birth, strengthening their relationship and creating the safest environment for their child.

As we read through the books and attend classes, we're taking notes and posting them under the "Our Birth Method" tab you'll find at the top of the page. Interested parties, feel free to browse through.

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