Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cloth Diapering (Again)

After adjusting to life in Kansas, we're finally back in cloth diapers. [While we were traveling, and staying with family, we used disposable diapers for convenience (and to cut down on laundry needs).] Our system is fairly simple, but works well for us:

The Stash:

The Plan:
  • Daytime/Normal Use: a 4.0 (snapped to the appropriate size),
    stuffed with 1 one-size insert and 1 doubler
    • usually last 2-3 hours before needing to be changed
  • Nighttime/Heavy Use: a 3.0 (in the appropriate size),
    stuffed with 1-2 doublers (2 at night)
    • usually last all night without needing a change
  • The PlanetWise bag serves as the main 'dirty diaper' storage,
    with the Diaper Duffles as supplements while the larger bag is washing. 
  • Target wipes serve not only as cleaners, but also as a diaper liner. Left out to dry for an hour or so, the wipes become soft and stretchy - we simply lay them in the diaper to help catch the poo. [We were originally using Bummis Bio-Soft Liners, but have found that the Target wipes are softer, more durable and less expensive.]

While RJ's is the only bum needing diapering, we typically make it nearly two full days before we're down to the last 4 and need to wash. Since the type of diapers we're using can be machine washed and dried, it only takes a couple of hours to get everything ready to start again (if I stay on top of it, that is). Once we're diapering 2 bums, I anticipate needing to wash every evening to have enough to get us through the next day. Still, the cost of nightly laundering is much less than doubling our stash, and the diapers don't even need folding when they're done, so I can handle this extra task with ease.

The Cost:
  • 4.0 Diapers @ $17.95 (x14)
  • 3.0 Diapers @ $9.95 (x12)
  • Diaper Inserts @ $0 (included with 3.0s & 4.0s)
  • Large WetBag @ $29.99
  • Small WetBag @ $6.25 (x2)
Total Up-Front Cost: under $400
(some diapers were purchased on sale)
Plus Target Wipes @ ~ $8/month (~ $100/year)

Compared to Disposable Diapers:
  • One Child ~ $30/month (over $350/year)
  • Two Children ~ $60/month (around $725/year)
    • Calculated using Target Up&Up Diapers,
      which we were using before switching to cloth
Over all, we spent just about what a year of disposable would have cost, but our stash will last all through RJ's diapering needs and is large enough to accommodate both boys for the time they are in diapers together. Our only recurring cost is wipes, which is negligible in comparison. [For the first few weeks, Baby Boy will likely be in disposable newborn diapers while his cord heals and he grows into the smallest cloth diapers, but this should only cost us about $50, which is less than investing in newborn-sized cloth diapers.]

Note: 3.0s have the equivalent of the one-size insert sewn in, so only a doubler is needed in addition.

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