Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Diaper Dilema

We're back in 'sposies for a few days in attempt to get rid of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad diaper rash. I suspect that whatever is causing the rash has been trapped in the cloth diapers, so we're doing a full purge and stripping: hot wash(es) with some bleach and Dawn to get rid of anything that might be stuck and sanitize the whole system. 

Hopefully the rash will clear up in a day or two and we can get back to cloth diapering. For now, we're using Luv's disposable diapers, and couldn't be more unhappy with them. We found ourselves at WalMart when in need of diapers, and Luv's is similar in price to Target's up&up, so we chose to try them out. Never before have we had leakage issues in disposables (and really not in cloth either, once we figured out the proper fit), but I can't seem to change him fast enough to keep all the mess in these flimsy, poorly-made disposables. I can't wait to get him back into cloth!

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