Friday, June 17, 2011


Today has held many new first for RJ:

Breakfast this morning consisted of Scrambled Eggs and Blueberries, neither of which he has tasted before and both of which he has decided to love. In fact, I couldn't quite keep up with his demands for more - he ended up eating most of my eggs on top of his! Thank you, Lord, for a boy who eats like his father - rarely turning down something new.

On our way out to run errands this afternoon, it was decided that now would be the perfect time to turn RJ's car seat around. (We've been planning to make the change soon anyway, as he'll need to be moved and adjusted before Baby Boy's arrival in order to make room for the infant seat beside him.) He meets both the height and weight requirements to be forward-facing, and Husby was sure that he would love being able to see where he was going. RJ was a little hesitant at first, but once he discovered that he could see Momma and Daddy while he rode, he was thrilled. The whole way to the store, he was giggling and showing Daddy his window.

Our main errand was a trip to pick up new shoes for RJ; as his walking skills develop, his little toes need protecting. We found a simple pair of blue sandals for everyday play, and some nice sneakers for church. He'll need to grow into the sneakers a bit, but the sandals fit perfectly, and we're all excited to try them out!

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