Monday, June 6, 2011

Things I Love: Umbrella Stroller

While we were in Texas, a need arose for a stroller. I had mine packed snugly into the trunk of my car, and would have had to unpack nearly everything else that was in there in order to get to it. Instead, we decided to invest $15 in an umbrella stroller for convenience, and it's turned out to be one of my favorite 'baby gadgets'. 

RJ is getting bigger, and so am I - the farther along we get in this pregnancy, the harder it is for me to carry him, even for a short time. The large stroller takes a bit of work to get set up, and while it was my only option I was more than willing to do so in order to avoid carrying RJ when possible. I'd use it for trips to the mall or walks around the block, and we were just fine.

The umbrella stroller is so much easier to set up than the large stroller - I find myself using it all the time! For a quick run into the bank, I would have just carried RJ before. Now, we're both more comfortable, and it takes almost no effort at all. He can snack on Animal Crackers and Apple Juice while I fill out paperwork; we don't have to struggle for space. I'm not sure what I would do without my umbrella stroller!

Note: These opinions are honest and true 
- I've received no compensation from the product manufacturers - 
they don't even know I'm 'reviewing' them.

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