Friday, July 29, 2011


After 3 weeks of "camping", our moving truck arrived ready to be unloaded. Grandpa & Uncle A drove up to help with the move 
(and pick up a table we've been holding for them), and the men worked through the heat advisories to get all our belongings unpacked.

Some of our things are being kept in storage for now, and we had the truck parked at the unit for ease of unloading. 
Thus, Grandpa's van became a sudo moving truck, transporting pieces to our home. 
A day & a half later, we have an empty truck and a no-longer-empty living space.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Armed with an air matress, play pen, and a few kitchen essentials, we've been "camping" in our new apartment for the last seven days. It seems that a paperwork hiccup is keeping our moving truck in Mississippi for the next few weeks, so we're making due (and thriving!) with what we have on hand. 
  • Good News: our home is nearly void of anything RJ can't play with, in, on, or under
    (so long as we keep the bathroom door closed) - all the 'dangerous' items are in the moving truck.
  • Bad News: aside from three bar stools (furnished with the apartment), we have no furniture whatsoever,
    which gets a little interesting (and uncomfortable) at times as my get-up-off-the-floor speed steadily decreases.
We're expecting to be able to move the truck mid-August, giving us just enough time to get unpacked and settled before Baby Boy decides he's ready to emerge. For now, we're eating off of plastic plates and enjoying the extra space to play in.