Monday, August 15, 2011

Big Boy Bed

It's official - my baby now sleeps in a Big Boy Bed, his crib sitting empty in wait of his little brother. I won't say the transition was seamless (we may have had one bad night, complete with puke-inducing sobs), but we persevered. On the third night, he discovered how to get out of bed on his own and has since needed some reminding that bed time is sleeping time, but a few minutes in the rocking chair are usually all that's required. We awaken to the sounds of tiny knocks on his bedroom door, letting us know that he's ready for a new day - even if we're not. And while naps are alluding us at the moment, we're optimistic that his sleep schedule will even itself out in the near future and we'll have a well-adjusted toddler just in time to introduce a tiny new person to the family dynamic.

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