Monday, August 1, 2011

Birth Plans

In preparations for Baby Boy's impending arrival, Husby and I have been taking classes and reading up on all things natural. Both startling and surprising are the facts that surround that way babies are born, especially in our 'educated' nation. Arming ourselves with a knowledgeable, experienced birth team, and taking the time to research all possibilities and options, we're confident that this birth will be quite different (and safer for both Momma and Baby) than our first. While RJ's birth seemed perfectly normal at the time (and, in deed, it was 'normal' by American standards), we've since learned much more about how childbirth is supposed to happen - naturally - and are hopeful that we'll be able to put that knowledge to work for us in the coming weeks. We've found a wonderfully supportive doctor and hospital, have hired a Doula to assist us in labor, and wrote out our birth plan to help guide us to the birth experience we desire. And while we know that things can change as we go along - even up to the last few moments of pregnancy - we pray that we'll be able to follow through with our plans and deliver a healthy baby boy in the end.

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