Sunday, April 15, 2012


Sleeping quietly
Wake to Toddler's knocks on his door 
Baby stirs, hearing his brother start the day
Breakfast - yogurt or cereal or granola 
Diaper changes & clean clothes
Shoes & jackets, out the door to play with friends
Momma chats, boys learn - friends, sharing, crafts, cleaning, snacks, stories
Home to lunch - PB&J with juice
Clean diapers and nap times all around 
Silence, if only for a few moments, is cherished
Knocking and stiring, always within moments of each other
Playing & building & driving & banging & learning & sharing & playing
In the kitchen, hands busy with meal preparations, boys nearby
Daddy distracts while dinner cooks
Eating together, family time at the table
Two messy boys into the bath
Towels & teeth brushing
Diapers and jammies, books in the rocking chair
Prayers in bed, kisses, goodnight
Moments alone with a sleepy nursling
Eyes closed, ready to start again tomorrow